Dance Bochette is in downtown Fort Myers, Florida. Specializing in Excellence in Dance since 1951, in all styles of dance. Classical training for artists who are on the path to make this their career, not just a hobby.

We are proud to offer our 2020 Summer Intensive Dance Program. Whether your focus is on ballet, hip hop/jazz or contemporary/modern dance, Dance Bochette will challenge you to grow in your specialized area as well as expand into other areas. With limited class sizes, you will receive more personalized instruction from our professional dance educators.

With two levels of curriculum to target the needs of the current level at which our students abilities and knowledge is while keeping in mind the timeline of their education as to when they will reach the moment to start their career.

Registration Deadline is April 15th

Audition Videos in by May 1st


Choose your age division:


Our Junior level is for students from 10-14 who have completed at least 3 years of dance training. It is designed to build stamina and strength to prepare for the next level. Our students will master how to work in unison with other dancers.

Our Senior level is for students age 14-19 who have completed at least 5 years of dance training. The program is designed to get the students ready for auditioning, partnering and solo performances. We will also be adding skills for theater and Tap to expand the possible job opportunities.

A summer program not to be missed in the beautiful historic downtown of Fort Myers Florida, home of the Ford Edison Estate and much more.

Boys & Girls from ages 10 to 19, who are looking at a professional dance career can utilize the extensive Professional backgrounds of our faculty to move them in the right direction. Our students will experience diversified dance types to expand the spectrum of possibilities. They will learn memorization and performance strategies, and specifically how to audition to give the best chance of obtaining the path they desire.

All of our teachers have professional dance backgrounds. They each have performed with numerous companies around the world. Read more about them on Our Faculty page.